Game Plan

In order to reach your definition of success, you need to first have structure…Ken BIG Blake

2 Steps Book Club is not just about reading a book and having a discussion. It is about applying the system the book has laid out along with assistance from those in our club who have walked the walk.

Please review the following process we use to ensure that you will get the most out of your reading.

Day 1 – Three-minute video book review from the founder. Any questions or comments can be placed in the comment section from the YouTube site.

Day 10 – Facebook live question and answer session. Time / Date found on the Facebook page.

Day 15 – Submit via website or facebook group your thoughts from what you have read.

Day 25 – Meet & Greet various locations and in homes. The founder will also be streaming live 10 minutes from the location he will be hosting.

Day 30 – Online Q&A session

Day 45 – Action Plan Development around two concepts chosen from readings.

Day 55 РMeet & Greet various locations to go over action plans and discuss strategies.

Day 59 – Announcement of next book via website, email and Facebook page

December and January are for yearly review of books read, planning for the new year and stories from participants when applied principals worked in life or business.

If you are interested in joining in the discussion in-house or online provide your email for updates and locations. 

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